About Us

    Grapes – Focus Excellence.

    Everything that we do, we believe in looking at things from an open mindset. The core nucleus of why we do things is that we want to do it better and we believe we can create a social business community.

    The way we do it is by understanding the real problems faced by our customers and create a flexible, transparent, easy to understand solution around it.

    We just happen to start with by offering our tailor-made solutions and services towards Startups, SME’s and Corporate companies in Dubai.

    Grapes is one of Dubai’s leading Management Consulting, Trading, Real Estate and Financial Advisory firms.

    We closely work with the key resources of the company to advise them on their most critical decisions, so that those decisions deliver concrete results which are desired by their stakeholders and shareholders.

    We love to advise local leaders about their key opportunities. We try to highlight in every issue an opportunity on doing it better. We have a strong team specializing in attributes such as strategy, marketing, information technology, digital transformation, Big Data, AI, sustainability, Mergers and Acquisitions, corporate finance. Our approach is based on doing it better which has helped our clients identify new markets and new products within their industry of expertise.

    Grapes is a multinational professional services firm headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

    Our People – We only work with the very best: To be a part of Grapes, you need to be a team player as we believe people are the most valuable asset of any organization.

    Interested in joining us? You can email us your resume on info@grapes.ae