Consumer Products

Consumer Products

How can consumer products company sustain and succeed in such a competitive market? 

Grapes, has been helping clients to communicate clearly with their customers through their consumer products. In today’s market where there is a continuous fight with competitors. It’s majorly towards price war, product innovation, brand infringement, digital space, consumer acquisitions and New Market Penetration. With Grapes, you will get the right guidance and professional cloud to reach your target audience.

Grapes, Works with all types of consumer product companies around the world,

  • Brand – In a world of Consumer products, innovation of products and price by following consumer footsteps is the key. We not only share with you the latest market trends but we also understand your areas of strength.
  • Digital Transformation – Understanding the product and giving them the right digital touch. We can help you launch your digital product shops with a complete eCommerce solution within days.
  • Let is go – We do understand the emotional attachment towards the products which have been the key performer in the past. But with our strong analytics, you will be able to take a well-informed decision.  You will have products that will increase revenue instead of adding cost.
  • Supply Chain – With our digital solutions and strong logistical partners we design a cost-effective supply chain model.
  • Production Efficiency – We do a detail report on your production capacity and operational margins and propose how you can do produce more with less cost.
  • New Market – With our team of experts and relationship with channel partners in other markets we can connect you efficiently to your dream markets.
  • Talent – In Today’s world, people are the key resource for any organization to grow. we will provide you with our in-depth report on the key resources within your industry. This can show you the top performer acquiring real talent would be much easier.  

Grapes has helped clients to successfully access Local and New Emerging Markets. Our Clients come from multi-segments dealing in, food, beverage, apparels, household, office, beauty and luxury products.

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